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Personalized Psychiatry 


Collaborative Care

We take pride in providing each client with personalized, evidence-based psychiatric care.  From the first point of contact, our practice creates a welcoming, safe, and respectful environment. 

We understand that each client is unique: complex and multifaceted, affected by family and relationship issues, medical concerns, work-related stressors, and even spiritual issues.  We strive to incorporate all aspects of your life to develop a bespoke treatment plan, personalized to your needs.

Our practice is about creating a partnership with our clients that allows them to become active participants and contributors to their own care. We believe that individuals are best served when they are informed of, and allowed to evaluate, their treatment options.  


We are happy to serve those only interested in therapy, those looking for medication management, or clients who are interested in both.  Based on your preference, we can collaborate with your current therapist or primary care physician to formulate a comprehensive plan for treatment. 

Pasadena Psychiatrist - Addiction Psychiatrist in Pasadena

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