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Initial Evaluations

60-120 minutes   

The first step in treatment planning involves a comprehensive assessment.  Two 60 minute sessions will be set aside to discuss your current symptoms, past symptoms, medical history, family history, stressors, and psychosocial issues. After the assessment is complete, we will review treatment options, including combinations of psychotherapy, medications, as well as referrals to other specialties to promote wellness.  Please bring any prior mental health treatment records, your most recent labs, documentation of any prior/current medical issues, and a list of any medications you are taking (including dosages).   If indicated, we may recommend a physical exam by your current primary care physician (PCP), labs, or psychological testing. We will ensure her patients are comfortable with and agree to a treatment plan before beginning treatment. Please note, patients MUST be under the care of a PCP or agree to establish care with a PCP within 3 months of treatment at Pasadena Psychiatry

Second Opinions/Consultations 

Variable length
Sometimes it is helpful to get a second opinion with regards to diagnosis and/or treatment options.  We are happy to work collaboratively with an existing treatment team to provide additional insights.  If this type of assessment is what you are looking for, please let us know when booking the appointment.

Medication Management
25 minutes 
We strive to use the lowest dose of medication necessary and the fewest number of medications possible to achieve the desired result.  In addition to medication optimization, we also incorporate recommendations regarding sleep, dietary and lifestyle changes.  If someone is already in therapy and is looking for someone to manage their psychiatric medications, we will work collaboratively with the therapist.  While therapy can be helpful for most, sometimes an individual may not need/want therapy in which case we can prescribe medications without a separate therapist being involved. 

Therapy + Medication Management

50 minutes
For some individuals, being able to see one provider for both medication management and individual therapy makes the most sense therapeutically and practically. We are happy to discuss options with you during your initial visit. 

Individual Therapy

50 minutes
​Like many modern therapists, we practice what is known as an "eclectic" form of psychotherapy that is tailored to meet an individual's specific needs. We recommend clients come in for sessions every 1-2 weeks in order for therapy to be most effective, however we will work with you to determine what is most appropriate. 

Family/Couples/Partner Therapy

50 - 110 minutes

While significant gains can be made in individual therapy, people do not exist in a vacuum.  As a result, involving others that are very important in one's life often makes a major impact.

Other Professional Activities

Variable length

All other professional services requiring greater than 10 minutes, such as preparation of reports/treatment summaries, phone calls including those meant for generating collateral beyond the initial intake evaluation, letter writing, or other services as requested will be charged at the corresponding hourly fractional rates. For inquiries regarding speaking engagements, please reach out directly to


Addiction Psychiatrist in Pasadena - treating depression, anxiety, adhd, grief

We can help those struggling with: 


Adjustment disorders

Bipolar disorders



Eating Disorders


Postpartum depression


Issues related to emotional, physical or sexual abuse

Relationship issues

School/Work related stressors

Women's mental health

Pasadena Psychiatrist - Addiction Psychiatrist in Pasadena

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